Jordan Weir

Professional Biography

Jordan Weir is a graduate student at the University of Toronto, studying an MEd in Counselling and Psychotherapy at OISE. They also have an MA in Creative Writing, for which they wrote a novel that they describe as a ‘queer and mystical bildungsroman.’ They host workshops for students that blend mindfulness meditation techniques with creative writing exercises to help lead participants toward deeper awareness, relieve stress, and explore major life themes. In their future practice as a psychotherapist, they hope to incorporate creative and mindful modes of healing.

Questions for Reflection

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why or why not?

How often do you let yourself create without goals or expectations? How might doing more of this benefit you?

Jordan mentions that the mind is constantly spinning stories out of thoughts. What stories are you telling yourself about your life?

Which stories serve you, and which ones don’t?

What role does writing currently play in your life? When do you write? What do you write about?

Writing Prompts

Set a 5 minute timer for yourself and try one of the following exercises:

Write nonstop about anything that comes to mind. Try not to worry about mistakes or ‘sounding good.’

Send a text to your ‘higher self.’ What do they say in response? Write out the conversation without stopping to think.

Create a simple poem by filling in these blanks. The first line begins with “I was…” the second, “I am…,” and the third, “I will…” Continue this pattern for the rest of the poem until the timer ends. 

Write about a time you felt loved.

Write about a time you cried.

Write a love letter to someone who annoys you.

Write what your body would say if it could speak to you right now.

Further Resources

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

This book is a classic guide for anyone who wants to learn about writing as a practice for self-exploration and spiritual growth. It includes exercises, techniques, and explanations about ‘how to write’ in a way that can liberate us. 

Introducing Jordan Weir

In this video, Jordan talks about their educational background and what led them to blend mindfulness and creative writing.

Writing for Wellbeing

Here, Jordan discusses the ways in which writing can be a practice for generating deeper awareness. Writing engages with the narratives we create in our minds, allowing us to have a better idea of the the way these stories are shaping our lives. Jordan also emphasizes the way in which traditional mindfulness principles can be applied to writing in order to strengthen its benefits.