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Exercises for understanding & supporting flourishing

Windvane was created in 2021 by Dr. Frances Garrett of the University of Toronto with funding from eCampusOntario. The full set of resources, to be published freely online in March 2022, draws from interviews with faculty, students, and staff at the University of Toronto, Canada, conducted by Dr. Garrett.

Video Credits

Creator, Director, Executive Producer
Frances Garrett

Bill Pocock

Director of Photography
Bill Pocock

Video Editor
Frances Garrett

Camera Operators
Sam Keravica, Frances Garrett, Bill Pocock

Post-production Sound
Jesse Whitty

Visual Effects
Stephen Curran

Sam Keravica

Website Credits

Creator and Designer
Frances Garrett using Calibri Theme

Website Content Authors
Frances Garrett, Jordan Weir

Website Support
Sam Keravica

Social Media
Estora Marshall

How to Cite Windvane Resources

Perdue’s MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources (Web Publications) has useful instructions on how to cite web resources. Here are some examples of how to cite the entire site, a specific page on the site or a specific video:

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